Scam of Work from Home websites and offers

There are literally many websites which ask you to work from home and that would be just copy paste or ads posting work. The question arises: Are these ads posting or copy paste work from home legit or scam?

Honestly, they would be scam mostly. In Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and nearby, there is a popular kind of work going on where the work providers ask people to pay for this data entry kind of work. If they happen to ask you for your hard earned money, they are scam for sure. If they ask you to work straight away, they can be a little genuine but you still need to dig deeper and not waste your time.

work from home scam

Other kind of scams are there like you work and type an article but you will be paid nothing. Sure there are genuinely paying people as well. Honestly, I worked for few through freelancer and myLot when it was paid for post kind of site but not everyone and every website is like that. Make sure to work in small parts and keep asking for the money in return of your work.

Another scheme which has been very popular is paid to click kind of model. I have used this years ago when I was just a learner and beginner on online money making venture. I realised those sites were partially scams. The perfect example would be neobux which is genuine site but many others had been really pain. I couldn’t use this way of earning much but if you can be online like for long time, you may want to give this a go.

The best way to know if the particular site is genuine or not is by checking its PageRank (PR). If the PR of a particular site is good enough like 2-3 and above, you can trust and if it is 4 and above, you sure can trust because there are many people using that website. To check PR instantly, you can install PR checker tool available freely as an extension for chrome. Follow the link below To add PR checker extension for chrome Click Here.

I am going to create a database in future soon where I will mention legit and working ways or websites from where one can make money but you will need to work really hard on that because without work, there will be no money. And on the conclusion part, I will suggest you never to pay any single penny to someone for online work. Try to figure without paying them.

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