Want to create WordPress themes without knowledge of codes?

There are many websites that offer you WordPress themes but how to create WordPress theme without knowledge of code is something important. If you come to know this, you can even start your own theme selling business as well, provided, the method should be cost effective.

This is something I stumbled upon a lot as how to create WordPress theme where everything should be the way I want and everything should be designed by myself yet not wanting to do any coding because I have never gone to those courses in college where we study those codes. Although there are a lot of sites and many options but the best I could find online was this software called Artisteer. Since WordPress is the best place to have a blog or even a website, I would suggest you can buy the basic version of artisteer which will not cost more than $50 and this is worth it. You can create ample number of themes and even sell them if you want.

wordpress theme artisteer

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On the contrary, if you were to buy a theme, it would cost you around the same or maybe little less but then it would be just one theme you will get out of that money. Why not buy a hen paying little more if you can instead of buying an egg and trying to save little? I personally found this software a great thing to work on. It has many options almost on everything and anything, be it menus or sidebars, layouts or header, footers. You can check all about artisteer using the link.

Not just WordPress themes but you can create plugins which I have personally never tried. You can also create themes for Joomla or Drupal as well, even for Blogspot. If you pay for any theme for WordPress, it would cost you anything between $20 to $99 and more in some cases. This software will do much more work for you with very small amount. You may want to try artisteer by downloading it and I am sure it will worth each penny spend.

I believe artisteer will be much helpful for those who are running multiple blogs and have to pay every time for the new theme and need to have a solution using which they can use to create new themes for every new blog they create. The best features are its menu styles and this creates responsive themes. Isn’t that a perfect solution? If you run a small business where you create websites for your clients, again, you can use this software to create professional websites with ease, without dealing with codes. Please download artisteer and try yourself.

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