What should inspire you to start a blog and what not?

If you are going to start blogging, you need to have some reason, something for you to keep going and if there is nothing like that, you won’t last longer. If you have no direction or no reason to blog, you might leave blogging after some time and might come back or never will. Choose your reason carefully before joining the world of blogging.

All the reasons mentioned below are applicable to people who are blogging right now but there are reasons people are more concerned about than other. Let’s decide what is your reason and how to develop and nurture it.


I would like to mention money first because eventually, everyone wants to make money. In fact, several people are making money and by just seeing them making money, several others get inspired to write their own website. Nothing is wrong about it. You will make money out of blogging eventually anyway. What you need is to keep going.

Write on any topic, choose anything and start writing and link it with Google Analytics account. Keep your eye on your visitors and once you have enough people coming, you can apply for Google Adsense. Once approved, you will be making money anyway. But if your only motive is to make money, either you must be highly passionate about it or else you need to hire someone to write for you in case you are not much into writing for long run.


Many people work on blogging to become famous. If not personally, then by the blog they are working on. People behind blogs or the blog becomes a brand which gets famous enough to attract many people. If you are doing great work, you can be famous in no time. You can make your blog a brand and people will recognize you with the blog name you are operating. You might wanna reveal the name behind the blog or not, that is totally up-to you.

Sharing Knowledge

I am blogging for knowledge. I write on the topics that people might be searching for. Also, I write on the topics that I was looking for and got the answer after doing too much of research. If there is something I worked hard on and could find the answer with much difficulties, I write on it in simple form and much better explanatory way so that people can get help from the matter I wrote.

If you are writing on some niche, there will be lot of things you eventually will discover of which you were not aware of earlier but you finally found answer of the same. If you are intended to write about the topics that you know the most, let it be anything. You are a lawyer and know about it a lot, you are into sports, politics, gadgets, technology, economics, internet, education, jobs and career, let it be anything, you can write on the topic and share your knowledge. Make sure to answer your readers if they ask you something. Keep them engaged and you are good to go.

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Just Part Time

I engaged myself into blogging several years ago for passing my time. There was no real aim or goal honestly. I was into writing my poems onto a blogger site I made. It was for fun and so that couldn’t last for too long. That blog is still up and running but because never been updated, it is in crude form now.

I had been away from blogging for long time but I was working on things that were totally different. Now since I have more knowledge, more power, I would want to share my knowledge with the world. I hope people will take interest in reading and coming back to see other posts.

Wrapping Up

If you are blogging just to spend your time, consider blogger as your starting point but I would highly recommend you to choose a topic that you are comfortable with and keep going. Write just one article each week if not more but keep going. Don’t stop writing and once your blog grows at a better level, you can always choose to WordPress self-hosted blog and get your blogger migrated to WordPress easily.

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