Why Visitors should be first priority than money?

I thought hard on this one thing and after carefully observing everything, I realised visitors are more important to my website than potential money I can generate. People who are making money out of blogging will surely suggest to check the keywords on Google and use those niches that are better in making money. But I got a question, what if I have either no knowledge in that niche or I have no interest in writing anything about that topic?

Why niche is NO longer important for websites and blogs?

I have many reasons to reply to this question but let’s start with monetising a blog. The best way we monetise is by Google Adsense. They are giants in this field, agreed? Now, pros will suggest you to go out and find the niche that will give you more money. Sure, go out and look but make sure you are really interested in that niche and want to write about it, in fact, you have sufficient knowledge about it. And if you don’t, you will need to hire a writer for this purpose.

But will that really get you more money? Not always!! Say I am a visitor searching for cricket score on Google and land on your site, what kind of ads I will see on your blog? Guess what? It will be about cricket scores and related and not about your website niche. They see what you are searching for and display those kind of ads to you on any website you land. If you haven’t experienced it yet, maybe you want to give it a try.

What to do to make better money?

If it is just a blog where you share your knowledge and stuff and it is on a particular topic, maybe you want to write highly informative stuff so that you get really quality traffic and those visitors want to stay on your blog and like to re-visit.

Get more and more traffic on your website and get higher pagerank. More number of people visiting your site means more popular your blog is and if you are able to get better pagerank, maybe upto 6 or 7 which is really impressive, you can get direct advertisers for you. No need to pay to Google and others in between. How that sounds? Exciting? Yes it would really be exciting. This is how Google and Facebook and other giants are making money. Why can’t we make little money using that model? But to get to that level, truly great hard work is required.

What is my aim in long run?

In long run, I want my blogs to be advertised by advertisers directly instead of Google and other intermediary, although I won’t stop using them. But I don’t want to flush my pages with many ads as well. This is really not a big deal but I need to have my blog enough popular that I can attract direct advertisers. I might not get that to happen on this website, might not on other but someday I am sure one of my websites will work better and I will be able to achieve my long run goal.


The conclusion would be that visitors are your money, they are your whole strength and they are the power you need to bring more money in. And more visitors can be brought in not by any black-hat stuff but writing quality posts. Offering them the things they are looking for. If you can do so, you are winner simply. So work hard on getting more and more quality traffic instead of trying to make more money using keywords and other practices which are sure important but are secondary anyway.

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