Why you should consider top level domain over sub-domain

There is difference between domains that are top level and subdomains. Subdomains are mostly free and either are in the form of www.subdomain.maindomain.com or www.maindomain.com/sudomain. Both these types are not top level domains and you need to abide by the rules of the providers. Some providers push their link in your website footer as advertisement and many won’t let you create whatever you want.

If you are going to create a subdomain initially, that would be okay but if you want to start a website at relatively larger scale, you might want something better and bigger. Although you can start with subdomain and move on to domain later on but here are some benefits of having top level domain.


The top level domains give you more flexibility and you can create your website whatever the way you want. You can write codes if you are expert at it or you can install any application like WordPress or Joomla or Drupal and many more. You can modify the codes and play with the design. Create your own logo and do much more with the website than having a subdomain.


The domain becomes your brand-name and once this is established, you are known with that brand name instead of your name. This can give your website more credibility and you get your own pagerank by Google, you own Alexa rank and lot more. The best part is you can use your website’s brand-name to fetch more advertisers and visitors. Once brand is established, you get ample of works because people ask advise looking that this brand is expertise in the domain it is established.


You have complete freedom with your website. If you want to move it to another better servers to avoid downtime, you can do that. If you are facing any issue, you can consult with service providers and lot more can be done.

You have freedom to register your website on any platform and make money. Many places ask you to prove that you own the particular website and in those several cases when advertisers or affiliate companies see you don’t actually own a website, they fly away and don’t give you any chance to work with them unless of course you have high amount of traffic.

Complete Ownership

You have complete ownership when you own a top level domain. Also, you can do anything with your website. You can add SSL, get email account on your own domain and do much more just because you own the domain. In case you own multiple domain extensions, you can forward them to one domain and a lot can be done. You are simply owner of the website and move files wherever you want.

Once established as a good domain having lot of traffic, you can actually get into owning your own servers like any big online company has. In case of sub-domain, you can’t do this and if you have good amount of traffic, you will face downtime in case of sub-domain.


Reselling is the best way to make profit out of your website when you are not working on it anymore. You can make money out of the domains you are working on by selling them to someone else but you certainly can’t sell a sub-domain and if caught, it is punishable offence.

Flippa is one of the websites where you can sell your website and make good money out of it. Even you can buy a domain and work on it to improve and make money in long run.

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The best way to make money and make good profits is to own a top level domain. If not today, you can get one later on but having a website is must since it becomes a brand which you can use to sell advertisements as well as products if you can. People like to listen recommendations from the established and renowned brands.

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