Where to start blogging – Blogger or WordPress

People ask what is better – WordPress or Blogger. If you are beginner and don’t want to invest money, the choices are many – blogger, yolasite, WordPress, weebly and several others. I am going to discuss WordPress and blogger since they are better than any other blogging networks.

Advantages of Blogger and WordPress over others

The best we want is to get more and more visitors on our blog and that happens mostly through organic traffic since you said you don’t want to start with investing money for now. Organic traffic means people coming from Google and Bing search engines or several others if they use. This means you should be able to rank your blog better on search engines. Of all these search engines Google accounts for over 81% of searches and lets hence target Google for now.

Creating blog on Blogger will get you myblog.blogspot.com and through WordPress, you will get myblog.wordpress.com, very identical. Both of these are subdomains and both are free of cost available. Both are highly flexible and give you lot of power to optimize your webpages but I always prefer Blogger over WordPress.

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The main reason is that Blogger is owned by Google itself and why would they not rank their own system first? If someone creates two identical blogs and work identically same on them, Blogger will always win.


Pros of WordPress

WordPress give you power of using lot of plugins that are useful in optimizing your blog for search engines. You can create little complex and better interface using WordPress as compared to Blogger but even after using all those things, I will say Blogger wins over WordPress.

How about self-hosted WordPress website/blog?

If you can invest a little on purchasing a domain and hosting, you will be able to make a website like mydomain.com where .com can be .co/.net/.info/.org and several more depends upon your choice. There will be choices again between Weebly, yola and other which offer much better interface and also you could buy Top Level Domains (TLDs). They provide you the tool called What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) builder where you just drag and drop boxes and create website in few clicks, it is really easy deal.

Over all these things, the best yet thing about WordPress self-hosted website is that you have too much power to configure the way you want and don’t we create website to reach maximum readers? That happens with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for SEO, WordPress is second to none, specially for beginners. There are enough themes, plugins and widgets and adding up more and more each day for people to select the one good for them and tune your website for the maximum reach.

I will update more on how to create self-hosted WordPress blog but not to mention again, it will cost you money.

What if you don’t want to spend money?

Back to blogger and WordPress again, I will always prefer blogger in such cases because you can reach maximum people and though you won’t have enough freedom in either cases, you can still do good modifications in blogger and get more and more visitors.

To check how your blog is doing, no matter if it is blogger or WordPress or anything for that matters, you may want to have Google Analytics account which is free of cost available by Google and you can see where your visitors are coming from and if it is from search engine, what was their keyword they used to visit your webpage and lot of other things you really are interested in knowing.

The pages that are performing well enough, you can put internal links on them which could take your readers to other related but not so well performing pages. This is the best way to keep your readers busy on your website.


I am in love with WordPress self-hosted blog and that is the best suggested thing if you want to go live on internet world. But if you are beginner and want to go on WordPress later on, consider testing with wordpress.com. If in case you want to be live without spending a dime for sometime, consider blogger and I am sure things will work out well for you.

Please ask your questions in case of any doubts or suggestions needed. Happy to help.

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