Impacts of Social Media – Positive and Negative [Infographic]

People nowadays have big craze of social media. Sharing new images, thoughts and videos has become a trend these days. Even many people feel uncomfortable if they don’t use social media. Social media has a great impact on the lifestyle of people.

Social media has the power to make a normal person a big celebrity.

This is one of the reasons why people use social media.

Other reason could be the connectivity which social media provides among people i.e. we can connect to our friends and families.

Everything which has positive points definitely has negative ones.

Addictions of social media is the main negative impact which people are facing these days. The addiction is more dangerous than alcohol addiction.

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Below infographic explains the impacts of social media in details.

social media impacts

I hope this infographical representation has explained boons and banes of social media.

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Infographic source: Digital Information World

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