5 Ways to do Right Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the very popular methods that still prevails and people use it a lot for getting traffic. If you are just starting out to write a blog, commenting would be the first step that will give you visibility and exposure that you need.

There are two kind of comment sections:

Do-follow and No-follow.

Not sure if you have heard of these two terms but I would like to tell you the two types before moving on. Do-follow are those kind of comment boxes where the owner of the website has told the google-bot to use the comment section to visit the websites mentioned in the comments. This is a plus because it gives you one backlink by default.

I am only mentioning backlink because most people are interested in it though I am not honestly in favor of creating backlinks like this even though it is a total white-hat method.

Other is No-follow where the owner tells the google-bot that they are not endorsing any link in the comment section and all the links are not to be followed.

You don’t get backlink but sure you get many people looking at your comment anyway.

People hunt for blogs that are comment-luv enabled or that are do-follow because they will have one backlink. You will find list of such blogs online and I am sure as hell not going to publish such stuff on here.

Here, I am going to tell you right blog commenting way to have good results. Mind you, the methods are not the big deal but need dedication for sure.

1. Quickness

This would be the far most important requirement to make sure you get the results out of blog commenting. Your comment should be the first comment and if not, should be at least in top 3.

Reason for this is when you have a reader who is on a blog reading some content and eventually the article ends. What he/she will see next? Either related posts, about author or comments if enabled by the owner.

If the reader is interested in reading more, he/she might read first few comments, maybe the only first comment and leave the page. If it was your comment, hey, you just got the exposure!

How to do it?

The easiest way to get on the top is by subscribing the blog itself. Yes, you might will have to subscribe 50 blogs or 100 if needed but just do it. You need the exposure, not them.

You won’t be up or near computer when a blog is being published but you will be notified through email and if you are online or can get online, just do the blog commenting as soon as possible leaving everything.

It will hardly take 10 minutes for the read and 2 minutes to write a meaningful comment.

2. Stay in Touch

People comment and forget which is very easy. Once you are showing up on the top to your comment readers, you need to start creating a bond with them.

You need to reply back to them if they have commented on your comment.

It is kind of acknowledgement that you appreciate their time reading your feedback or suggestion about the post.

Once you start doing this, people will understand that you are not just for link-building or spam the internet but are genuinely working on something better.

3. Long Enough & Relevant

Writing just “awesome content” OR “nice post” wouldn’t do good even if you wrote the comment first on the post right after it was posted. Most probably, the owner will delete such comment, hell I would I dare you!

Anyway, the point is not writing some long texts and not even the shortest two words either. Just write something which is rather natural and reads as it is a comment and not the favor you are doing to yourself or to the blog owner.

4. No backlinks

Few people have tendency to post their post’s link in the comment section.

Please do not do it. It will not get you anything. A reputed blog or site won’t tolerate such crap and a crappy site will only get you negative credits.

Yes, you heard it. Your presence on right websites give you additional weightage and on the wrong once, well, negative too.

If you think bombarding the whole web with your comments everywhere will help you, trust me it won’t. It used to be once but Google is also getting advanced and more awesome every day.

Make sure you are writing good comments as soon as possible but no links in that. If required, of course write about your site and maybe put link when it is very relevant, I would post a link only in response to some other comment to my comment, period.

5. Content type

What you write in the comment while blog commenting also matters. People who are reading your comments must realize you are another awesome blogger and that should be reflected from your comment. Once they realize that, they sure will get on your site.

Just know that commenting on a do-follow link will get you google-bot but commenting in a right way will get you real person, ask yourself, which one would you prefer.

I would suggest you write three types of comments and that will bring you the good results –

a. Appreciation:

Appreciate the content. Appreciate the author and congratulate them for writing the awesome content. Tell them what you liked the most so they know you actually have read the content and liked it and not just faking it for the sake of it.

b. Question:

Ask question, a meaningful one and not just the stupid dumb question. Asking the right question will get you lot of visitors and asking the wrong ones will get you trolled.

Don’t be too smart here but just write something that makes sense. Something not to prove the author is stupid or he might will again delete your comment, something you might not want.

c. Suggestion:

Suggest the owner or writer have they missed something or something added to the content. This will tell the readers that you know something even the author doesn’t know and would come to your page for more information.

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Bonus Tip

Don’t use misinformation

Most people use the comment section in a way that they want to get more and more visitors. Now, to achieve that, people use the name of their business instead of name and website under the hyperlink just to think they have SEOed the comment section.

Well, I would simply delete such comments without second thought and if seen the same person again, I would not think twice to delete even his genuine comment.

So just to make sure you are doing things right, use your real name, no alias, no business name, period.

I think it would be more clear if you read the Commenting Rules which Lisa Sicard of Inspire To Thrive has mentioned in her blog.

In the end

At last, I would say that just simple plain blog commenting and properly doing the same thing will make huge difference to the outcomes.

I would like you to try this method if things aren’t going quite well for you and let me know if anything else could be added or you are doing that I might have missed. I am open for suggestions. 🙂

Happy blogging!

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  1. Hi Pankaj,
    This actually reminds me back in the YouTube days when everybody was asking sub4sub.
    When you comment on a blog/article it should be relevant with what the writer has written… if you’re just commenting to get backlinks you’re comment usually becomes shallow and people will sniff out that you’re a faker.

    I always believed in creating friends on the internet and commenting on blogs is a way to do that.
    Thanks for the share.
    Engin Soysal
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