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As discussed in my previous article regarding work from home scamI mentioned how people are trying to get money out of your pocket making them rich and leave you with promises of getting paid. I spot many such websites easily and I can tell you many ways to figure such companies out and how not to trust them. One of the renowned method is to check the Domain Authority (DA) of a website.

You can easily check your website domain authority. To check the DA of your website you can visit at:

Domain Authority Checker

If someone has DA less than 30, you must not trust them and if it is 40, you need to investigate a little. In case the PR is 50 and above, you can trust the website easily. I have spotted another page of scam. Review the screenshot below:

jobs scam

What is wrong with above advertisement? If you can’t see, I will tell you few glitches in the above poster. Firstly, the phone numbers provided are two mobile numbers. This company claimed that they are registered with government. This can be true, anyone can register with government but then why there are no fixed line numbers? Why couple of mobile phones? Secondly, the email address to contact them is a big glitch!! It’s the sign of BEWARE!

The email is made using Gmail which is free email service from Google. Why not use the own business email like Honestly, that kind of email creation is not too costly either but not everyone will get it and more than that, if someone is handling a website single handed with not much professional way, he or she will not worry about getting into professional inbox and taking care of it. Third problem is the payment. If someone is getting you job, getting you source of income, they must be earning through you. If this is just some information packet, it’s a different thing but if it is kind of ongoing work, why membership fee? Additionally, The DA of this website was not good and I simply can’t trust these websites. Please report if you have found any other online scam things.

Image Source: Komando

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