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When it comes to online marketing and SEO, not many women we expect but those who are in, are doing awesome work. One such successful name I know about is Janice Wald.

Janice Wald

Looking at her blog, MostlyBlogging is enough to understand her vast knowledge in this digital world.

So I chose her of many people to be interviewed on this very blog and I am sure you will be impressed by her knowledge and what she has to say. So here the interview goes:

1. Please introduce yourself, your family and your interests and what you do for living.

I’m Janice Wald. I have a husband, three daughters, and two dogs. My passions are Blogging and musical theatre. I’m a blogger at night and teacher by day. I teach Medieval History. I’m also the yearbook teacher for my school.

2. How did you get onto doing blogging and when did you start? Why did you start blogging?

When my daughters left for college it was the perfect time to start a blog since I missed the analytical discussions I’d had with them while they were growing up.

3. Why you are into blogging? Everyone has their reasons, what is yours? 

When I first started on blogging about blogging, I received a thrill knowing I was helping people that I continued. I am finishing my third year.

4. How many blogs do you own and how are you managing them? Do you have a team, or you hire freelancers or do it all alone by yourself?

I write alone. However, I do outsource work as needed. I have a wonderful tech helper, for example. I only have one blog, Mostly Blogging.

5. To write, you must also read, what other sites you read and follow? Or, whom do you follow online for more information?
Neil Patel at

6. How do you spend your time on weekdays and weekends? 
Blogging! My husband and I enjoy television in the evenings during the week and a night out with friends on the weekends.

7. What are the important lessons you have learnt which you think a newbie should know right before starting out? 
Blogging takes patience. Too many people quit out of frustration. Traffic and a following take time to build up. Blogging is also extremely time-consuming. To do it well, it is like having a second job. You get out of something what you put in. You put in the time, you’ll see results.

8. What are the top 3 to 5 methods you follow to promote your blog?
Facebook groups, Flipboard, and Twitter hashtags. I also stumble other people’s links at StumbleUpon in order to generate traffic to my links that way. That’s how StumbleUpon works. I have a StumbleUpon group on my site for my followers. I stumble their posts as a perk for following me.

9. Do you think things have changed in blogging since you started and now, if so, how? 
New sites have started like Medium and Niume which help bloggers.

10. Do you think competition is intense in blogging world? How do you deal with that as your blog is doing awesome?
Thanks for your compliments on the success of my blog. Take your own journey. Run your own race. Don’t be concerned with what others are doing.

11. Do you make money blogging? If so, what are your top 3 sources for income?
Happily, yes. I am a paid blogging coach. That’s the most lucrative. I am also a paid writer. I have a writing gig on a marketing blog that pays regularly. People also pay me to post on my blog. These are sponsored posts. They pay me to review their tools.

12. What are your future plans? 
Continue to monetize and build up my blog so when I retire from teaching I can blog full time.

13. Lastly, What is the advice you would want to give to fellow bloggers who are learning and trying hard? 
I would give the answer I wrote earlier. Be patient, work hard, put in the time, run your own race. Then, you will see results.

I really hope you learn a lot from this information.

As said by Janice, blogging takes lot of efforts and patience and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep working, be persistent and you will reach there one day.

Another thing – do read! Neil Patel writes awesome stuff and you should check his blogs as well, better subscribe.

If you have anything to say or ask, please comment below. You can also visit her website at Mostly Blogging and read lot of informative stuff.

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