How to Place Ads on a New Blog?

Placing ads is great way to make money if you don’t have any product or service to sell. But you should be very careful in placing ads. This is not just one-time act which you do and expect money to keep coming in. There are many points you should take care of before you get into advertisement programs.

Understand Your Traffic

You have to first understand your visitors – what are the sources they are coming from and what are the landing pages. What is the content that is being liked by them the most? Predict what they want to see and write more on that topic. This will make your blog more niche oriented and fetch you more visitors. Another advantage by doing this is to get your visitors loyal to you as you are giving them what they want or looking for.

Market your Blog Properly and Effectively

You can choose either paid way to market your blog or do it free of cost but you need to market your blog properly so that it just don’t reach lot of traffic because it really is of no use. We want the targeted traffic, those who are actually looking for the kind of content that you are offering. Those who are looking for something else will not come back. You can write content for them as well so that they would want to visit your blog again.

Have Enough Traffic

Having decent traffic is key for a blog. Why are you writing? So people to read that. Making money is next step but getting people read is the first key point. If you are able to get people on your blog but not getting them reading your content, you are going nowhere. You need to write quality content so they stay.

Placing Type of Ads

There are literally ample types of ads that are available in today’s world. Indeed Adsense doesn’t give you that many options but you still have several options to choose from. Text ads, banner ads, floating ads, pop ups and many more. If you know your website has many visitors but your website is something where people won’t stay for long enough and might not return by typing url, you can happily use popups and other annoying ads along-with other but you must avoid such ads if you are trying to create a meaningful and sensible blog.

Don’t put too many ads, don’t use too many advertising companies. Have decent traffic and good content, you will be approved by Google Adsense program much more easily. The best way to work on your blog towards getting it monetized is to have decent traffic first!

Ads placing has a very big concern as well. It carries your customers away. That is right, even if you have no product to sell or service, you are still going to give away your valuable customers to the advertisers. If you are getting good traffic, the best way would be to either get advertisers directly or start affiliate programs running on your blogs with related products/service. They give you good part of the profit made through the sale you get them through.

Visibility of Ads

If you decide to move with placing ads, make sure you are not filling pages with ads program, let your readers see the content clearly so they want to stay on the page. The best kind of ad is to place a banner ad above your content or maybe a square banner in the content. Both work well for any blog but you need to see what works better for you. Another kind would be a text box places between the content. If that is showing relevant ads, you can expect better click through rate (CTR).

I won’t suggest placing ads below the content since as a reader when I am reading a blog, I most of the times don’t scroll the page until the end unless it is very much required. You can use sidebar as well for the ads.


The best way to monetize your blog is by getting good traffic first. There are number of ways and you can use all of them, several combined if not all. The best way would always be affiliate marketing and it will only work if you write reviews about the product or service you are to offer. In such case, the visitors can trust the product more and that can easily be converted into sales. Few sales can get you as much as $100 which you will make in Adsense maybe in a week time or so using all your traffic and scattering them away. Using right way, you can make handsome money through affiliate marketing.

Having said that, in either cases, understand what your visitors want and only then you can expect what to give them as the solution of their problem.

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