How to get your blog making money for you?

How to make money from blog? I understand we write for fun, we blog because we are interested in that particular topic or want to help others but eventually we want to make money as well, most of us anyway which includes me as well, no shame in admitting the truth. Yes, I write for fun, I write only when I want to, I write when I am free and I have something to write about. I don’t want to keep my blog showing posts regularly but contains nothing new.


People say, rather blogging gurus ask to update blog regularly but what do you mean by regularity? It doesn’t mean everyday flush contents on your website and then stop for days. It essentially means writing in proper intervals.

Say you chose to write every second day and one day you wrote three articles, instead of posting them all at the same time or even in three consecutive days, schedule them to get them aligned with regularity. Your interval was every second day and so you spread these articles in six days time frame.

Visibility and Discovery

If your blog is not visible to enough number of people, how can you expect it to be making money? Any website makes money through visitors and more the visitors, more the money in it. There are many techniques of SEO that you can use to get your blog working and visible to huge public.

Topic Selection

Topic selection is very important in blogging. You can not just write about any thing. Let’s say you have started blogging and now you know blogging, you can’t simply start writing on it because you know few blogging things and SEO stuff! You simply can’t, unless you have been into successful blogging. I rather go for the topic that I have experience into or that I have done my graduation into. Maybe I can write about stuff that is related to my job or company I am working for.

For instance, I am working for eBay, I can write about e-commerce. I am working as receptionist at veterinary hospital, why not write about animals? That would be more meaningful and I can get ample of new stories to publish!

Placing Advertisement

People want to make money which is good but those who want to make money fast, forget it!! Blogging won’t get you fast stable big money that easily or quickly. It takes lot of efforts and time.

If you start placing advertisements within a month time without even analyzing your traffic or content, you are already asking your visitors to leave before they came up.

I just visited a website today where I clicked just at blank space (non-clickable) and yet another pop up opened. I closed the site and probably never visit the site. Even if I do, I will recognize it and close the website right away.

So when is the right time to place the advertisements? We should let our blog get some matured before we can think of placing ads and making money. Many of us are impatient but trust me, this will give you better results in long run. I am not in rush of running ads on my blog, in fact, I am thinking not to put ads for several months. I want dedicated visitors who come here and check the blog out for new posts within some time-frame.

But I understand many of us want to make money and the only source is advertisements – either using contextual or affiliate advertisements. Well, build a good traffic first from which you can expect good clicks, once that is done, you are good to put up ads. Google Adsense won’t let you in anyway if you have not enough traffic. In terms of traffic, if you have at least 200 page-views each day, you can think of starting ads but not less than that in any case.

More on placing the ads, just putting up some ad boxes wouldn’t be enough. You will need to put ads at the right place. You need to keep experimenting with ad format and structure since every blog has different kind of ad structure working for it and you can’t copy or define a definite rule for it. So, keep experimenting!

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