How to get more Backlinks for SEO

Getting more backlinks is one of the important deal for SEO. Everyone knows that there are several ways of doing SEO – on-page and off-page as we broadly classify and there are plenty of things that comes under these two categories.

After lot of changes in Google Algorithm, the only legitimate and best method I see is to get backlinks from related and reputed websites/domains and I am going to discuss the whole backlink thing in this discussion – you may join using comment box later on.

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Do-Follow and No-Follow

There are do-follow links which essentially mean the kind of backlinks that passes the Google test of backlinking. While on a particular page where a link is there that links back to one of your website or page, the link needs to be do-follow in order for Google bot to consider it as a backlink. If a link is no-follow, that will be skipped by Googlebot and won’t add any value in your backlinking process.

Now, the question arises – is do-follow link only worthy? Is do-follow more important? Does a no follow link harm your Google ranking? Well, no link will harm your ranking in Google unless it is spam or some black-hat SEO strategy. So does no-follow carry any value? No for Googlebot but yes for humans. As the two links are so similar you barely can note any difference, you should consider having no-follow links for your blogs as well but yes, do-follow are more important since they add value to the Googlebot.


One of the best way to keep your blog up in ranking is to interlink its pages to another pages of your own website. That really adds value to your blog. How you do interlinking? Well, choose the best keywords from your own post that you might be typing right now or the next post which can be the anchor text for some other page of your own blog and link your text to that page.

The biggest advantage of this would be in keeping your audience engaged to your website hence reducing the bounce rate. Interlinks are very important for any website or blog to have good reputation and value. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the links should be do-follow links and well, all the links you create using WordPress hyperlink method are do-follow automatically so that we don’t need to worry about really.

Older Post updates to link to newer posts

When you have nothing to write but you still want to do something, you can read your old posts and there might you find a page which can get link to your newer posts. Updating older posts are of really utter importance. Even if your post is important and relevant to some question today which was written three years back, the Google might not give it as much of importance as it would give it to some other page which is more recently updated. The whole idea here is to give visitors the most relevant and updated information. What it takes for someone to update a few words on an older post and re-post/save again if it is worth it.

And why not? I mean if I am searching for some information and find something written in 2012, I most probably will ignore it because it is too old. For example, I am looking for best websites for competitor analysis and there I got few results, one of which says 7 best related websites but was written in 2010, it might be true information even for today but I won’t be able to consider. I see the timestamp on the posts and I am sure many other people do see and notice that.

Other advantage of updating your older post is that you might discover some link that could be converted into affiliate link. You just need to see if those products are offering affiliate bonus now if not then when you had written the posts.

Broken links on own website

Broken links are those links which after clicking, lead a visitor nowhere but a dead end page – this page can be called 404. You might have added a link to some page which existed in the past but now has been removed. Those pages are broken links and you need to fix such pages. There are plenty of tools that you can use to find broken links on any page.

Above two links would work the best to find dead/broken links on your website or on any website. The other best way for someone blogging using WordPress would be to use broken link checker tool. Use it and let me know how you feel about this amazing tool.

Backlink from Wikipedia

How about having a backlink from Wikipedia? Sounds awesome but why Wikipedia will provide you with a permanent and quality backlink? Answer is pretty simple – you provide the correct and up-to-date information. Using above tools, you can find broken links on the pages related to your niche and they most certainly would be in the reference section of Wikipedia. You can write a whole deal of post and provide information related to that broken link and refer it to your own blog. Just know that such link will not give you do-follow pass but still will carry huge importance and you still would want to consider having a link on Wiki.

Know any other backlinking method or any comment/suggestion? Please use the comment box below or share it.

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