How to create Facebook page and make money out of it

We can create money from Facebook but how? Although I have mentioned in my post already about the potential of making money on Facebook through Facebook pages but I am going to tell you how exactly it can be done. How you can create your own page and make money out of it easily.

Even before we get into it, I must tell you that making money on Facebook is not very easy or quick process and it genuinely takes time for anyone to make money. This actually depends on how many people liked your page and how many likes and shares you are getting on your posts your pages are sending. More people it reaches and more the engagements are, more money you can make.

Firstly, find the niche for you. You need to find your expertise area or the topic on which you can post for at least six months to nine months each day which says you should be able to make a post each day for at least six months, that is, 180 posts or idea what to post in long run.

Creating Page

Now, to create a page, visit any page you are following and you will see a button on top right end to create a new page. Just press that and you will need to choose between various options. You can choose anything that is suitable to the niche of your page but if you are unable to find anything, just select social or entertainment.

Other way is to follow the link

You will find six different classifications and as I suggested, choose what matches best to your page and if you can’t find anything else, you can simply select entertainment or some social cause. The six options are:

  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or Community

The page will take you itself to the next steps but there are few critical steps that you should work on before sending any invites.

Filling Information

Once your page is up, you need to fill the about section of your page where you can write what your page is about in few words and put a profile picture that would eventually become a logo for your page, a brand image for your page. If you are already running a website, you can mention website or the blog in that description section as well.

Cover Photo

This is one of the very important section as it will give a great exposure and attract many people to like your page if they land on your Facebook page. Make sure it is creative, attractive and speaks about your page. Just an ordinary picture might not attract but meaningful simple picture might work for your page.

Invite Friends

Once your Facebook page is all ready with descriptions and pictures, invite your friends to like your page. Sure your page has not got any content as yet but you can send invites to your friends and can ask verbally to like your page. This is very effective way since you know those people in real and can get many likes on your page which will be positive thing for those who don’t know about your page and are random visitors. Having very less or no likes on your page might not get many likes from strangers as well so it is necessary to have at least 50-100 likes before a stranger starts following your fan-page.

Posting Content

Now as you have got people following your page, start posting content that get you more likes and more followers. Make sure you are posting relevant content and some jokes or motivational quotes in between fetch you more likes and followers. Keep posting variety of content like photos, texts, some website links, news, locations check-ins and contests or polls. Share stuff that you are interested in and you think your audience might also be interested in. Make sure to post at least a post each day and if you happen to find more than one post in a day, just schedule it to be posted on next day. Scheduling the posts is the best way to keep things in place in a good manner.

Getting More Followers

The aim is to get at least 5000 – 10,000 followers. You need to have at least 5000 followers before you can think of making money out of your fan-page. You can boost your page or post to get more likes where you will need to pay to Facebook but since we are trying to make money without investing a penny, let’s not do. Although, if you think you can invest pennies to make journey to pounds successful, you should invest to fetch even more fans in lesser time. Once you have at least 5000 likes, you are now ready to start monetizing your page, you can start making money.


There are two ways you can monetize your Facebook fan-page. One is by selling products and other is by advertising on your website or blog. Lets discuss both one by one.

Selling products

You will be selling products online. Either it will be your own product or will be someone else’s. Easiest way would be to sell someone else’s product. Simply find the products that you can sell and is somehow related to your page. Say your page is about cars and bikes, you can sell either digital products on how to maintain a car or you can sell car parts using your Amazon or eBay affiliate link. If you are writing a page on mobile phones and other technologies, you can sell that kind of product. To find the right product, you can type and search in Google as “product/service”+affiliate link.

There are few affiliate companies you can sign-up with and find the right match product for you.

Browse best affiliate companies
Just make sure you are not pushing your visitors into buying products. Just post now and then about the quality of the product and put up an affiliate link so that they can visit the product page and if the sale is made, woohoo, you make money!

Creating website

This would be even better method. You can create a website and link your website with the Facebook page. With every post, leave a backlink to your website. With every photo you post, you can leave a link of your website either as a watermark or maybe as a courtesy in the bottom right or left. This will get you more visitors when people are searching those photos on Google images. Post stories on website and your page as well. This will get you more and more visitors and once you have enough of visitors, you can apply for Google Adsense to make money.

While you create a website, you can also get into e-commerce kind of website and start selling tees, coffee mugs, caps and stuff if you are coming up with unique quotations and writings. This could be your way to e-commerce business which is otherwise very difficult to get into.

If you are just starting out and don’t want to create website as you really don’t want to invest money, you can still get a blog on blogger or WordPress and once you have enough visitors, apply for Google Adsense. Its a little difficult to get approval on a blog than a website but if it is performing good enough, you will get quick approval.

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