High paying keywords – How to Lookout for them?

What keywords get you more CPC? Keywords with high CPC are little difficult to find but honestly, it is not; once you have gone through this whole article. To know more on this, we need to understand what is CPC basically.

CPC essentially means Cost Per Click. Cost Per Click is the value for a click. What you see in Google keyword planner is the money that advertisers are willing to put on a single click on the ads they will display. More the money they put in, more chances they will get quality traffic. This money depends upon the competition on those keywords indeed. If a keyword has value mentioned as $10 per click, which means $10 is the CPC, the advertiser pays Google that amount for a click and if you get the click on those ads on your website, well, you get share from the Google. More the CPC, more money will be made by you because Google is going to be paid anyway, if not from your page, someone else’s.

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So, what to do to find out high paying keywords? Honestly, I tried Googling and found many keywords on some disease related or some specific kind of loan and insurance related. Neither I have good understanding and interest on loans nor I was aware of that particular disease. I didn’t want to make a whole website to write on loans and credit cards and weird diseases simply because it has high CPC keywords. I want to create a website on a topic that I am interested in and the topic that I can write endlessly without feeling like I am getting bored.

high paying keywords

Experiment 1

Since I was interested in online marketing, website building and online business, I tried to find out the keyword ecommerce on Keyword Planner. Just this keyword gave me so many options and all the keywords were really high paying. I mean I am interested in ecommerce and I can write endlessly without getting bored or tired and the keyword can pay me huge as well.

Experiment 2

Similarly, I started understanding investments and putting money on online betting sites or online trading. I won’t call betting as an investment mode but I was into this briefly before getting out of it. I saw how things are working online and everything was managed so nicely. Even on online trading, be it shares or forex or even options and forex binary options, all these things I was interested in and I am still into those things. I just checked these keywords and whoa, they were highly paying again. I was surprised to see the bidding CPC amount.

Experiment 3

I have a pharmaceutical education, interest in doing some business, preferably online but business. I realized keywords related to healthcare, pharmaceutical or diseases and ebusiness related keywords, they all were better performing as well. But I still didn’t understand and couldn’t connect these dots so far. But I kept looking for more keywords and more.

Experiment 4

I was keenly interested in watching movies and shows online. That’s why I started searching my favorite shows and movies online and got several websites full of irrelevant ads and sometimes relevant. I in-fact got myself into a website where I started providing free online movies, songs to download, videos and shows. Guess what, the CPC was way too low on those pages. it was in merely cents. Sure I was getting good visitors but no good money. This was waste of time honestly. I had no idea of doing affiliate marketing and I had to let the website go.

Experiment 5

I looked for high paying keywords again after several months. I must say I have been checking this list since 2008 and honestly, debt, loans and insurance have always been on the list. This time, its car donation that is extremely high paying keyword. Give it a try and look for yourself. I still have very concise information and knowledge on these things and hence can’t create a whole set of website but I just saw that the keywords were doing great job on Adsense and Keyword Planner.


I came across idea of creating a website related to online photos where I will put photographs of a type on a single page. That sounded good idea because images really help you to get indexed faster. I had a blog which was only searched for those wallpapers collection I put on there. Idea was cool, wallpapers were available free online and I could create and build this site to huge level but again, CPC was nothing. I was really upset and left this plan.

Other idea I came across was by my friend and colleague who had lived in dorm supported by charities & donations. When I suggested him to write a blog on any topic, he said he knew about donations and charity much more than anything else. I said alright! go for it.
He is working on setting up his website now. But when I checked the CPC, it was again huge, way up.

Mind Boggling

I did huge mind boggling to come up with some sort of conclusion. What was common in high paying and low paying keywords that I checked so far. Why insurance was on the list of top paying keywords year after year?

Why donating a car will get CPC of up-to $58. Yes, my Keyword planner and Adsense are in USD.

I realized of one thing, all the high paying CPC related websites were selling online products or services, they were into online business and competing for their space and presence online. I realized all those keywords were being used by million and billion dollar companies. Charity and donation is now a business as well in many parts of the world sadly.

For checking the keyword CPC I would suggest an extension i.e. Keywords Everywhere. You can directly have an excess to this extension.


All those keywords that are related to some sort of online business or that can attract online customers like web hosting, trading, ecommerce, online retailing, insurance, betting etc, they will always pay you good, much better than any other keywords. Online wallpapers and movies are provided by websites made by any other user, they are not generally by huge companies and so there are no customers, there are just online free movie viewers and free wallpaper downloaders. They are not customers; they won’t pay for any service or product to the website owners. Hence, there is not going to be much competition and few major websites can bid on dirt cheap money like in cents to get the ads running.

I am not saying not to create websites on movies or songs but you can’t expect much CPC from there. You need to either offer some products, some service, some kind of ads which can pay you per impression instead of clicks or something to keep your website running. If you are able to find a good affiliate program for your website, nothing is going to be better than that.

PS: These are my own experiments and I shared my own opinion after observing the trends. There might be few exceptions which I might not have encountered but you can freely report that below in comment box. Any other comment, suggestion, doubt or questions are welcomed.

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