How to choose topic for blogging to make it successful?

Although there are many topics on which you can blog and believe me, every topic will make you good money if you are aiming for money. Honestly, almost everyone who starts to blog making their own site has some intentions to make money through it as well, of course there would be exception here and there. But when you are going to start a new blog, make sure it is micro-niche blog and aimed for a specific group of people. This will be liked by those targeted visitors of yours.

There are many points need to be considered before you actually start blogging. If you know about blogging and making money, Adsense comes first in the mind of any newbie who is about to start a blog or just started. With Adsense comes the thought of creating a blog of the niche which can get you more CPC (cost per click).

So what is CPC and why people consider this?

Cost per click, CPC is the amount of money paid to you by Google for each click you get on the ads placed on your website by Google Adsense.

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Does value of CPC depend on topic or niche?

The simple answer is YES! CPC depends on niches. If you are owner of a website related to free music downloads or online movies watching, the chances are that CPC will be very less since it is not very competitive market that your blog falls in.

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Should we seek high CPC topics before even getting into blogging?

I will say yes and no.

You may will be able to write few posts from some places about that topic from where you are expecting high CPC. But in long run, you will end up with your knowledge or may lose interest in writing further because of shortage of knowledge on that topic and lack of interest on that niche.
So the best solution would be to write on the topic of your interest.

Wait, how would I get more money from that topic if it is of my interest but falls in low CPC niche?

This is fairly good question but I must reply with the fact that people are making more money through affiliate marketing than Google Adsense or any other ads network. Affiliate marketing always pay you much better than any ads program.

Affiliate Marketing Challenges

Indeed, there are advantages of affiliate marketing, the best would be the money made through one sale is comparatively huge. But with this, there is a huge shortcoming and it is that you don’t get paid for any click view, you get paid only when you get the sales done. You could get hundred clicks on an ad but getting a lead, a sale is challenging. If you were getting say one click from 20 views which makes your click through rate, CTR as 5%, you need much more pageviews for sale to be completed.

Overcoming the Challenge

I believe that every problem has a solution, in fact, solution arrives before the problem itself. The solution to this problem would be to find a program that pays you much higher, enough to cover your CTR or else find a program where they need free signup from the visitor to get you paid.

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