How to get approval from Google AdSense

How to get adsense approved quickly and in single attempt? If you are also someone looking for same thing, you are on the right place. Why adsense when we have several alternatives anyway? The best answer would be the big brand name itself but not just that it, they pay you the better money because of their values and usage of Google search engine. I will highly recommend using Adsense over any other ads network because of the money you make through it.

Personally, I tried several times to get approval from Google Adsense but was always a failure. I was failure mostly because I tried using couple of posts on a blogger page and applying over and over again using different emails. In my heart, I knew the application wouldn’t go through but I still kept applying until I was really tired.

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I moved to London and when I wrote similar blogger page and applied, approved!! It was instant approval. I realized it was difficult to get adsense approval just like that. What the best I learned was few tricks and tips thereafter to get Adsense approval for my clients since I got to know how they work, not by fake ids or anything but working really hard.

Just imagine what if there wasn’t Adsense or any other ads network for that matter. What would we all be doing? I am sure we must have been working hard enough to get our website credible enough to attract direct advertisers. In fact, many websites still get their own advertisers like Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and many others. In fact, many small website owners do direct advertising besides doing some ads showing through third party and affiliate programs. But whatever it would be, to get good deals, just know that you need to have decent traffic as well. Here I would like to share few things with you to get your adsense approval.

Google adsense

Posts Count and Quality

As it is now well known, content is king! Make sure you write quality content and this is unique content, not just copy pasted material. Not only unique but informative as well. More quality and unique information you can offer, more are the chances you would be loved by your readers and get even more readers to your website.

Write at least twenty posts which are quality posts and at least five or so must be falling in top 30 searches for specific keywords. If you have minimum of five posts that are performing good for your website, you are doing great job and minimum twenty posts because Google will know that you are rich in content.

Domain Age

Google considers the age of the domain for how long it has been on Google. Let your website stay on Google and crawled by Google-bots for at least 8 weeks, 12-16 weeks will be ideal time to wait before applying to adsense. In this meantime, you can prepare your website to get at least few clicks each day. In this time, you can use other advertisers as well and see if that is working for you.

Domain and Email Account

It is highly suggested to get your own Top Level Domain (TLD) before applying to Google Adsense. Applying through blogger or any other sub-domain level site can also work but chances would be less comparatively. Although applying using gmail account would do good work if you have good page-views each day but if you apply to adsense using email from your domain name, that would work much better. It would be like [email protected].

Application Used

What application you are using to build your site is very important. As I tested with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, Google loves WordPress. The way WordPress framework is structured, Google gives it more value. I have had created similar sites on all these three platforms and WordPress was quickly jumped on Google searches. Besides that, WordPress has so many SEO plugins and themes that you have wide options to choose from.

In Case of Rejection

If Google rejects you for the first time, don’t get disheartened. This happens to most people, happened to me several times. Look for the reasons they mentioned on your application and work on it. Wait for at least 4 weeks before putting your application in again and at this time, work to improve your website, work on getting more content, more images and quality stuff. If required, re-design the site to give it professional look and don’t ever try black-hat SEO techniques to get through this. Black-hat SEO might help you to get good rank quickly but you may get banned for it by Google.

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