Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

People seeking best affiliate marketing companies or trustworthy affiliate marketing programs need to read this. If you are trying to monetise your website with different promotions besides running ads from Google or infolinks, there are many companies which will offer you affiliate marketing services or products.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are three basic types: Paid to sale, paid to lead and paid to click. I won’t go into paid to click much deeply because we already have Google adsense and others for that. I will rather work on paid to lead and paid to sale kind of programs. The reason is that they pay you better. Paid to lead where members join for free pay you very less as compared to other programs but you still get paid.

Commission Junction

I would like to keep this platform on the top since they provide wide variety of advertisers and you can sell any products once advertiser approves your application. I trust them because I got paid through them and the payment was on time. Highly recommended! See the product directory and if you find anything that is good for your website or blog or something you can promote, please go ahead and do promotions.


This is another affiliate company who are into only digital products. Vendors are selling digital products like information contained PDFs and software or games, mostly PDFs. They are perfect because payments are instant and some products are doing exceptional work. Other great thing is the money made on sale. They sometimes offer you 80% on each sale which is huge. If you are able to make consistent money here, You will be able to make huge money.


This is another amazing affiliate marketing company that I never used but I will always recommend looking at the reviews about this site. They have excellent Pay per lead programs and they are being trusted by many. You may wanna check their list of vendors and see if you find any product that you can promote. If you can, that is great but application process is a bit tedious, they see your website and verify your application and reject it if it is not up-to the mark or their required standards. By standards, I mean the amount of traffic of course.

Affiliate Window

They are being used by reputed brands as CJ above and hence I will say can be trusted very much. The only negative part is that publisher has to pay $5 in the beginning while signing up and hey, I am there to make money, not to pay them so I ignored them and wanted to work on others. If I make money through other sites, I will sure put that money in these kind of programs later on maybe.


I am sure we will be able to find ample number of affiliate companies with different lucrative offers but what important to us is to sell something which we really can. If we can’t sell something, there is no use how many programs we join. I will in fact suggest not to join many programs and browse the marketplace/vendors/programs before even joining the affiliate company. You can earn on one or two products effectively, why not focus on that one product and make it successful before jumping on to second.

PS: If you think there are more better affiliate companies I should put in this list, please let me know. I am not keen on number of companies but focused only on quality of companies which I judge by Alexa Ranks and mostly by PageRanks.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing and difference between affiliate and adsense programs click the below link.

Affiliate marketing vs adsense

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