Affiliate marketing programs or Google Adsense and other ads programs

What is winning? Affiliate marketing programs or advertising programs? Affiliate marketing is not very easy to earn money as compared to advertising using Adsense or other programs but has huge money, no doubt. So which one is it we should work hard on and put more efforts on? What we use and what not?

No doubt we should and must use both kind of programs to earn better money but undoubtedly we need to have some affiliate program working for us in order to earn considerable amount of money. This will not be possible just right away after having a website but for startup websites or blogs, yes, advertisements are highly recommended. Only if you are writing on a very specific niche, you may want to find the specific product according to that, you may will even need to review that product, research about it before writing on it and finally make a sale. So, to conclude on this part, I will highly suggest to have advertisements first but later start working on affiliate marketing as well.

adsense vs affiliate

Will affiliate marketing work just by placing banners about it?

Possibly but most certainly not. Most affiliate programs are paid things and a customers need to pay, purchase a product or service which might not happen just right away. They need to be convinced that what you are offering is the product they are looking for actually. And by convincing, it doesn’t mean you start to sell something that will make you money, start selling something that will help someone else.

Master Plan for making money

I always believe that making money, getting more popular website and other things are just too selfish things to do. The best will come out and fall in place automatically if you just start to help others. Start to share the best of your knowledge and you may will find yourself in a great position, much better than when you were trying to do something for yourself. Sell something not because it will make you money but because it really worth the money of buyers and help them how to use as well if you can. If you are just writing pages full of ads and trying to convert visits into leads, the conversion will be very less.

Google Adsense and other ads programs

Google Adsense or even other ads programs, they all are great but you know what the worst part is? They will take your visitors away from your page. Make sure you are not losing your most certain converting leads to someone else’s page and end up making pennies instead of pounds. As the saying is Penny wise, Pound foolish!

Placing ads on the pages which are really exit pages is good. Placing ads on the website that is just constructed is again good but once your website has established, once you are getting decent traffic and you know you can attract better people and get more affiliate conversions, try to work on that instead.

Finding product for Affiliate Programs

Finding product for affiliate programs related to your niche is not any difficult. Say your website is about online movies. Just type “online movies+affiliate programs” and hit enter. You will find several pages that you can use on your own website for conversions. You may want to write down all the products or several to choose from and look more into the products. See what are the advantages of each and disadvantages as well. Pick couple that are best, pick few if you want and write your own opinion on each of them. Opine your visitors the right product according to their needs. Help them solve their confusion mystery. Help them using the products if you have tried yourself.

See what is the product you are able to sell more than other and write more about it so the conversion rate is even better but don’t get too overwhelmed so that your visitors may wanna check out other products as well when it is really not necessary for them.

Wrapping up

If you are a new website, sure ads is the best way. If you are not approved by Google Adsense or not ready for it, you may use any alternative but once you have achieved pagerank 1 or 2, you may wanna start switching to affiliate marketing gradually. There will be time when you would want to use both in the hope of better money to be made if you can but for the starters, since it will be really difficult to achieve that, you can begin with just ads and work on building your website with better quality content.

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