8 Effective ways to get more visitors on your articles

Writing articles is a real strain but to get more visitors is even bigger challenge. You write a good article but still you face hard time to get enough eyeballs on your post. There can be several reasons but I will have few solutions you can consider to get more number of eyeballs on your blog or website.

1. Keyword Focused

Keep your article keyword focused. SEO and Google Algorithm keeps changing each time but basics will always remain the same. Your headline, first paragraph, preferably first couple of sentences and meta description; these places should have your keyword along-with being in the article itself.

If the keyword is not there, how you can say your article is specific to the particular topic or problem. Stick your article to a particular topic and tell Google-bot that your whole article is around the same topic and to do so, sprinkle your keyword in the article just few times.

Remember though, over spreading of keywords could be considered as spam and you might have to face penalty. To help you with meta description and to keep you focused on specific keywords, there are several plugins out of which, I will recommend SEO by Yoast the most. This is clean, plane and simple tool which is hell powerful for not keeping you focused on a keyword but also to keep you updated with several other SEO things.

2. Posts Length

Posts length does matter when it comes to SEO and showing results in Google. As per updates, the minimum length of an article should be no less than 900 words, ideally between 1000-1800 words or more if you can write that long articles. Why so? More the content on an article is, more descriptive it is considered with better explanation to the problem which was searched for in search engines.

Google considers a long post as the kind of article which has better description as compared to other related pages with similar content and descriptive pages are tend to get more priority than any other page. The post length earlier used to be 400-500 words, maybe few years back but the scenario has been changed and Google considers even longer articles a better result to display at better rank. Being said that, if your post has not enough unique content, again, that could kill your ranking.

3. Solution to Some Problem

It is very important for you to write on such a topic about which people are looking solution for. If you write something that is not addressing any problem or something that is very general, you are most go unnoticed.

Why people would look at your page when your page is not able to solve some unique problem that people are facing. More precisely, you will get more attraction when you are writing about something that you know and other might know which could help the people understand better.

To know as what people are searching for, the best solution would be to go ahead and find few related forums, discuss with people there. There are two advantages of using forums – firstly, you can mention your website in your signature which even if goes no-follow, you will still get links pointing to your website and real people can click on those links to get to your website. That is great deal!

Secondly, you can see what people are facing challenge or what they are looking for, Google about the same if you are unsure of the solution, write on the topic and post the link to your article mentioning that as the solution. This is a great way to get real human traffic that is targeted and might wanna read the stuff you have posted.

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4. Optimizing Your Titles

A killer title is the first thing that people see and get attracted towards, If you have title that is strong enough to attract people on your page, that is great! The best way to write such titles are several but the two are my favorite – Write How to’s and mentioning numeric value in title.

Yes, “How to’s” are really effective way to write an article. Giving an article a start with “how to” attracts the visitors more than writing plain title. Readers are more likely to click the link and actually want to engaged in such content.

Other is mentioning some numeric value in your article’s title just like I did in this article. As I understand, writing the numeric in odd value is more likely to fetch better visitors but I am gonna experiment with even number on this post to see how this goes before having my say on this.

But honestly, I am sure of these facts because even I get to click such articles more than others.

5. Posting Stats and Number in Posts

Posting stats and numbers in a post really boost the post. It gives advantage over others because with stats, you build a relationship of trust with your visitors. It shows that you’ve actually done some research for your visitors and that gets noticed almost immediately.

People might not remember the actual figures but they will surely remember the blog where they have found the information that was useful and might want to get back to see more of such information.

6. Use of Images

Use of images to each post is useful for both, humans and bots! This is very important; you must post at least an image to a post. By posting an image, you can do SEO for image which can further enhance SEO of your post and website in turn and right images represent your article in a better manner.

7. Engaging with Readers

People who are interested in your blog will read and most probably will comment on your blog. They might want to comment because either they want backlink from your website or they are actually interested in commenting but in both the cases, you should respond to the comments. Writing back and engaging with your readers give them more confidence and build a trust. They know that they are talking to real person on the web.

To those whom you will reply, they would want to come back and read your blog. They would like to raise a suggestion or feedback you might want to consider for upcoming posts.

8.Update Old Posts

To me, this is very important kind of way to keep your traffic up. Old posts, especially for the blogs and topics which were written a year back or so, might not get attention in Google. The best way is to keep them updating. Google also sees if the post is updated or not along with being relevant. Sure relevant is important but what is the use if the post was from 2013 and things have changed now? Would any Google searcher want to find old information? Heck no! Google wants people to see the most updated information and if you think there is something you need to update on your old posts, do so.

If there is nothing you think you can do, you can update links on your older posts to connect to your newer ones. This will better engage your traffic.

There are several other ways you can use to boost your traffic that are related to posts. You can name them in comment section below or may want to spread the words around!

Happy Blogging!

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