7 ways to make money on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to spend time on but did you know that people are making money on Facebook? If yes, then I must tell you that you can also join those group of people who are actually making real money from Facebook.

Firstly, I must mention that your personal account won’t get you any money through Facebook but there are many ways you can make money on Facebook. The different ways I am going to jot down below may have more ideas as well which you sure can share using comment box below. I will make sure to include that in my list.

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Developing Games/Apps

This could be for real technical person or maybe someone who can invest in hiring developers and has a great idea for new game on Facebook. Yes, making game and spreading it on Facebook has huge potential. Facebook is used by billions each day. There will be several guys waiting to spend time on little games that are there on Facebook. You can incorporate those ads with some paid stuff or maybe ads spread around the game. Although this costs you money but a good app can make fortunes for you.

Admin for Fan Pages

If you are highly active on Facebook, know how to get more likes on a page and can work on getting more likes for others, you can get yourself into these kind of jobs. There are many companies that pay you to take care of their fan-page, getting more likes and advertise on Facebook. The potential of Facebook has been seen by many companies and they actually hire people for social marketing and pay them as a full-time salaried employee.

Creating your Own Fan-Page

This is whole new idea. Get your own fan-page and write about some specific niche. Say you want to target mobile lovers, write about tech stuff. If you are interested in politics, create politics related page and so on. Invite your friends and ask them to invite more people to like your page. Get more and more likes and work hard because money doesn’t come so easy. The best way would be to keep updating your site and posting its link in the comment boxes of other related pages. This might get you even more likes. I will discuss the details of getting more likes to your Facebook page later in other post. Let’s say you have at least 1000 people following your page and its counting. Now what? These are the other methods you can utilise to make money from those pages.

Sell Affiliate Products

You may wanna Google “keyword + affiliate program” to find out the affiliate programs in your niche. Suppose you write about tech products, you can signup with companies like Amazon and eBay as their affiliate and get commission on the sales, if made using your link on Facebook. If you have say 50,000 likes which is a very good number and you are writing genuine reviews about a product, there are chances you will get 1000 likes and 10 clicks, no purchase on first attempt. Keep this popping periodically and there will be somewhere a customer who will click buy and get you money through it.

Create a website related to fan page

Once you have enough followers, you can get yourself a free or paid website, paid being preferred. Once your website is created, you can promote your website on Facebook and get visitors on it along with other SEO techniques to promote your website. After getting a decent traffic, you can monetise your website using ads or affiliate marketing with related products. I believe this is the best way since having a good performing niche website could get you more and more money alone.

Create your own product and start selling

This could cost you a little but products like tees, coffee mugs and other stuff can be sold through your fan page and we never know, you can setup all new store of yours online and start a related website as well. This can involve money but if things go well enough, this will worth in long run.

Selling the fan page

You might wanna create couple of more fan-pages before you actually sell one. Using the popular fan page, you can get other pages popular as well and sell off the first one when you have good offer handy. If negotiated properly, you can ask for even $200-300 for a page and more. This money worth some page which cost nothing to you in the first place.


There are many ways one can earn money through Facebook. Having a fan page with good number of likes can get you good money. You just need to keep looking.

If you have any other idea, please share with us.

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