5 Quick Ways to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online – few are easy, few are difficult, few take time and few are quick. I am going to discuss quick ways to make money online for now and we can discuss other ways in other posts.

Firstly, making quick money is not so easy. In fact, making money is not easy anyway. You need to put lot of efforts. Honestly, if you want to make quick money, it is possible only if you outsmart many people and you might will need to use money as well.

Here, I have listed few ways but you can name more and more so that we can expand the list. I have listed ways that are purely genuine and I have used personally to make money.

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This is one of those methods where you need to put money. If you are into sports and you like predicting the outcomes, you think many times your predictions are getting true, you can use this method. This is really quick rich scheme kind of thing but make sure you don’t over-bet in the thoughts of making more money. You also need to be sure what you are betting on. If you are randomly betting, you might lose money. In many countries, betting is not legal but since I know it is legal in UK, you can use their services and it is online so no problem at all. You bet on the products online and if win, you make money.

What is important in this is to hold yourself and wait for the right opportunity to come. Don’t just get into it and bet. Wait for the right time and once you know that particular opportunity is right, put a part of your money, not the whole. Suppose you have put $100 in your betting account and divide it into three or rather four parts and put money on each bet. Make sure you are not betting frequently, when I say not frequently, this means once in few days or twice a week or something. The best I would say is to bet on something when you feel its right.

Stock Trading

This would be the next option where again you need to invest money again but how to invest? This indeed is another form of betting but if you think some company is going to make money, going to make profits and you can make profits with that. Just invest in shares and make money with the growing companies.

Again, like in betting, you need to wait and look for the right opportunity and as you encounter such opportunity, just go grab it. You must need to wait until the moment you find the right opportunity though. The best way would be to invest in companies which are highly recognized and if they are owned by government bodies, that would make them more reliable. You can learn more about it but handsome money can be made on stocks.

Forex Trading

This is not heard in everywhere but this is indeed a very effective way to make money really fast. The only thing is that making money is not so easy, you need to invest again like in shares but instead of buying shares, you buy currencies. This is very easy and quick way to make money.


You can lookout for the wholesaler where you can get products on better and much lower prices in bulk and you can use the power of e-commerce to sell products on retail prices online. If you can find some pen drive or memory cards for starters, that is great for you since that can get you start your online venture and eventually you can think of expanding your catalog to different products and different domains.

Although product selling online isn’t very easy but the easiest way would be to find a product at very cheap rate. If you have good budget, you can use Chinese companies to send you products.


This would be the way where you wont make much money but if you are able to work, you can make fairly good money and if you are working good, getting more and more projects, you can hire people under you to complete the tasks. But initially, you need to work on your own and bid on the projects that you think you really can do. You can use freelancer or Upwork or Fiverr for this purpose.


Though there are many ways and not all of them I have mentioned here but you need to find what are the ways that suit your needs and work on only them. Work on something that really get you some money and it is possible you are not fit for one or few of the methods written here though you can read my upcoming posts to learn more on these things in depth.

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